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4K Papers

4K Papers is another site that I created back in 2014. I spent about a month creating this thing using CodeIgniter and my own frontend code (I didn't use a CSS framework - all hand written baby).

The site hosts 4K (Ultra HD) resolution wallpapers and has badass filtering options (made by yours truly). I initially created it because I thought it would be a fun little project to do but also because 4K monitors were starting to become more mainstream and I wanted to help people who had just purchased a new shiny one to find a cool ultra HD picture (royalty free of course) to slap on their desktop.


ToolPond is a site that I started back in 2014. It took just over a month to create using CodeIgniter.

I made this site because as a web developer I often search for tools online. Sometimes I just want to use a tool and be gone, but other times I want to know how a tool works. Maybe I am coding something and need the formula or maybe I just believe in the whole give a man a fish proverb. Anyway, it frustrated me that whenever I would type something into Google like "How to calculate a percentage", I could only find pages that provided me with a tool or formula and not both. Hence why I created ToolPond. (more…)