Too much choice is bad

Skylake PC build

I put together a new PC recently (as shown above) and when I was choosing the parts I had a seemingly endless list of possible choices to make. Which graphics card? Are there any new graphics cards coming out soon? How is this graphics card different from this other one? Which one is the most appropriate for me considering cost and the performance I need? And that is just one component of about ten to go through. I honestly wish that hardware manufacturers (and all industries for that matter) would clearly describe who their products are for and how it differs from all of their other products.

Take ASUS for example, they have the Z170-A, Z170-E, Z170-P, Z170-P D3 motherboards all priced within £30 of one another. How are they different? Why would I want the E instead of the P? Why should I spend more? There is no clear information telling me what each one is specialised for. If the "A" in the Z170-A stands for Audio and is geared towards audio enthusiasts, great - it's not for me. Perhaps the E stands for Ethernet, it has better connectivity and a gigabit LAN connection that has better reliability or whatever - great, it's not something I need. You get the idea, but we don't know that because they didn't tell us. I mean, somebody at ASUS said hey, we need another motherboard to cater towards these people, well, tell me who they are. Is it me? And don't even get me started on Gigabyte, they literally have 15+ different graphics cards within the same model and no explanation of how they differ.

A company that has got it right is Apple (even though I'm not particularly a fan of Apple products) because they have a single product that has clear distinctions between each. For example, one will be a 16GB model, another will be a 32GB and perhaps there will be some other clear differences like WiFi only or 4G support etc. But they make it obvious and therefore easy for consumers to make a choice. Perhaps that is why people feel safe choosing Apple products - you can't go wrong. But when you have a million choices to make, there must be at least one good choice amongst them and if you didn't find it then, well, that must be your fault.

When people are faced with too much choice, they can become so overwhelmed that they may give up and make no choice at all. They become paralysed by too much choice. This didn't happen to me as I was persistent and got my new badass PC. But this makes me think of a video that was created over 10 years ago and is still as relevant today as it was back then, check it out:


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