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ToolPond is a site that I started back in 2014. It took just over a month to create using CodeIgniter.

I made this site because as a web developer I often search for tools online. Sometimes I just want to use a tool and be gone, but other times I want to know how a tool works. Maybe I am coding something and need the formula or maybe I just believe in the whole give a man a fish proverb. Anyway, it frustrated me that whenever I would type something into Google like "How to calculate a percentage", I could only find pages that provided me with a tool or formula and not both. Hence why I created ToolPond. (more…)

Nothing is perfect

I can write my first post because nothing is perfect. I literally mean nothing is perfect as in, a blank sheet of paper before a writer writes, the silence before a musician plays or the blank canvas before an artist paints. Nothing really is perfect. It represents endless possibilities and purity. It contains everything.

Yet as soon as you write that first line, as soon as you make that first sound or as soon as you have painted that first stroke you have instantly limited yourself down to a finite thing that can be measured, scrutinized, and picked apart. Ideas such as 'good' or 'perfection' are subjective and differ depending upon who you ask. Therefore, to know what to write, what to play or what to paint you should always listen to yourself and do things by your own standards. Don't worry about others - it's not logical.